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To help prevent groin strains altogether, athletes should consider incorporating exercises that strengthen their groin muscles and maintain their range of motion. Examples include exercises that involve the legs moving together against as a resistance band, and dynamic balance activities such as standing and reaching to simulate the movements that are encountered during regular game play.

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Preventing Groin Injuries The typical groin strain is a common injury in soccer, which is why players stretch these muscles as a part of their pre-game routine. U.S. Men’s National Team players Tony Sanneh and Claudio Reyna have missed playing time with this injury, and most recently Ante Razov has been sidelined as well.

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However, it appeared that poor groin strength was a major factor is predicting groin injuries. The next step the Lennox Hill folks did was to devise a training program to improve groin strength. Here is what they came up with: • Warmup: stationary cycling, groin stretching, sumo squats, side lunges, kneeling pelvic tilts

Preventing Groin Strains in Soccer Players

Here are some ways to help prevent you from becoming the victim of a nasty groin strain. Warm Up Dynamic movements can help prepare the groin muscles for the explosive movements required for playing

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Dr. Eng shares a few other practices you can do to help prevent soccer-related groin injuries. They include: Stretching and/or foam rolling at home for 30 minutes a day “keeps the body from ...


Most times, soccer athletes try to come back from their groin injury way too quickly because they do not understand the importance of rest and gradual return to play. Treatment of a groin should begin with the RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and should not involve heat until pain and swelling has subsided.

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Groin strains are a common injury in soccer players. The large group of adductor muscles attach to the pelvic bone along the groin line and are responsible for pulling the leg inward. Adductor strains account for 10-15% of all injuries in soccer players. The demands of soccer place strong eccentric contraction forces on the adductor group leading to high prevalence of adductor muscle injuries.

Prevention of groin injuries in sports: a systematic review ...

Groin injury prevention consists of active strength and coordination exercises, with emphasis on the adductor and abdominal muscles,22–26 as these are modifiable risk factors.21, 27 An exercise programme including strengthening and coordination exercises for adductors and muscles around the pelvis has also been demonstrated to be effective in treatment of long-standing groin pain.28 Similarly, a preseason adductor strengthening programme appeared to reduce the incidence of adductor strains ...