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FILLABLE Soccer Lineup Sheet 6v6 3-1-1 Soccer Formation Lineup Sheet 6v6 3-1-1 3-1-1 Diamond Stopper Sweeper FILLABLE Soccer Lineup Sheet 6v6 3-1-1 Diamond Soccer Formation Lineup Sheet 6v6 3-1-1 Diamond

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Currently there are four different kit (including shirt or circle shaped) designs and five football pitch templates. To build a 5-a-side, a 6-a-side, a 7-a-side, a 8-a-side or a 9-a-side formation change "Player Count" value. Any number between (and including) 1-11 can be chosen.

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5 Soccer Formations Explained (Full Guides with Images)

The 4-4-2 is the ‘standard’ soccer formation. This formation requires two centre midfielders who contribute on both ends of the pitch, creative wingers to generate goal scoring opportunities, and incredibly fit fullbacks.

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4-4-1-1 - Attacking Depth. A slight alteration to your typical 4-4-2 formation adds a little more depth and allows you to play a slightly different type of striker. With four at the back and 4 in midfield, the focus is on the support striker who drops off the defense, similar to how a false nine might play.

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Formations are described as the number of players in each area from the defensive line (not including the goalkeeper). For example 4-4-2 describes the formation as having: 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 forwards. Conventionally the formation can be described with 3 numbers, like before, or with 4-numbered (e.g. 4-4-1-1). Formations definitely do make a difference. Understanding formation and which player assumes the specific role is key in modern football.

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The 4-4-2 is an excellent offensive formation because it utilizes two strikers rather than the one you see in most other formations. In most cases, teams that use the 4-4-2 will use a tall and/or strong striker alongside a more athletic forward to give their teammates more options.

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When it comes to strategy formations for 8-v-8 soccer lineup templates, you will find that three most prominent formations used while playing a match. The three of them are provided below with their soccer templates as examples: The 3-2-2 Soccer Formation – The 3-2-2 soccer is a formation which is exactly as its name is. In this formation, the left and right striker arrange themselves at the beginning of the field.

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