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Soccer Dream Meaning: What Your Footie Dreams Might Say About You

Soccer Dream Meaning Possibilities Dream Moods To dream that you are playing soccer suggests that you are suppressing your sexuality or aggression and expressing it in a more socially acceptable ...

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A football game represents confrontation, competition, and ambition but also that you have to be careful in choosing your friends. Playing football in your dream suggests that you will unexpectedly receive money in the near future. In your dream you may have. Seen a football by itself. Seen a football match. Played a game of football.

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To dream that you are playing soccer, is a representation of how you react and run your life when confronted with challenges. How well you play the game in your dream is symbolic of your competency, integrity, strengths and weaknesses. It can also be a way of getting out agressions while you sleep.

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Soccer Ball Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a soccer ball symbolizes sure victory soon through wisdom and sacrifice. If you dream of a soccer ball on a humid grass you will have a great test...

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A football by itself as a dream symbol can generally mean accomplishment, pride, and goal. Football is something that you want to carry to the end and complete. In general, dreaming about football reflects real-life experiences. However, these football-oriented dreams can have additional meanings if you have not had any recent experiences.

Soccer Dream - Interpretation and Meaning

Also, if you dream of soccer game where you participate with well-known people it could indicate that you are able to solve or to fix all privation or obstacle for yourself. Also, it represents your competitiveness, honesty and invulnerability, all valuable elements to be successful.


Football dream is a symbol of fruitfulness and hard work. Dribbling a ball in a competition symbolizes, wisdom, strategy and determination to succeed. If you dribbled the player and you scored either through penalty, free kick, corner, nodding, direct shot etc, this usually mean positive signs.

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Soccer . To dream that you are playing soccer implies that you are preventing yourself from communicating your hostility and sex appeal in an offensive manner. From a Freudian perspective, sports, in general, mask your perspectives and beliefs regarding frightening sexual attitudes. Therefore, this dream can be a play on the words 'sock her.'